Uber Terms And Agreements

okt 122021

In addition to connecting drivers to drivers, the Lyft platform may allow users to provide or receive services from other third parties. For example, users may use the Lyft Platform to plan and book transit trips, ride in an autonomous vehicle provided by a third party, rent vehicles, or receive financial services from third parties (together the ”Other Services”). You understand and that other services are subject to the terms and prices of the third party. If you choose to purchase other services through the Lyft Platform, you authorize Lyft to load your deposited payment method under the price terms set by the provider. You agree that Lyft is not responsible and may not be liable for any other services, actions or omissions of the third party. These other services should not be reviewed, monitored, or verified for their accuracy, suitability, or completeness, and we are not responsible for any other services accessible through the Lyft Platform. The Lyft Platform may only be used by persons who have the right and authority to enter into this Agreement, who are fully able and competent to fulfill the conditions and obligations set forth herein. The Lyft platform is not available to users whose user account has been temporarily or permanently disabled. You may not allow others to use your account and you agree that you are the only authorized user of your account. To use the Lyft platform, each user must create a user account.

Each person can only create one user account and Lyft reserves the right to disable additional or double accounts….

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