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Thank you Davd – Excuse me for being negligent in coming back to this page, but in La Réflexion I discovered much of what you discovered here so eloquently in my embrace of the tenants of #5 and overwhelmingly #3, which freed me from many things past to realize many of my initial hopes and objective expectations at the present time, Who I work with now. ()) Thank you again. Maybe one verse is not so clear that you might think of apon in the same way as the 5 chords: Matthew 13 – Parable of weeds? ”The result of the practice of the Fifth Convention is the complete acceptance of yourself as you are, and the total acceptance of all others as they are. The reward is your eternal happiness. The fifth agreement is of course concluded with words, but its meaning and intention go beyond words. Ultimately, the fifth chord is to see your whole reality with the eyes of truth, without words. Most of us have heard of Don Miguel Ruiz`s Four Accords, but now there is a fifth agreement. While traveling on a business trip, I ventured into a cool little shop and saw the new book. It didn`t take me long to realize that I had to buy it and read it again. I`ve donated over a dozen of these books — this is one of the ones you want to share with others.

By making a pact with these four key agreements, an individual can dramatically influence the amount of happiness they feel in their life, regardless of external circumstances. [6] I can`t believe how much peace was added with the fifth agreement. It adds balance and strength. My life is so true and natural; I`m used to moving forward without consciously thinking – how to breathe! The four chords have been printed for years and pricked on my fridge. The words are relevant and wise and help me live with less stress and heart pain. It delves deeply into the problems that many of us experience in our daily lives. This is one of those ”Must Reads”! I love how small shops lead you to something you may need. I hope you will enjoy my summary of the agreements. Maybe you`ll buy it on your next trip to the bookstore. For those who have it, it may be a small kick-off to reopen it. It was remarkable. ”Many years ago, I started teaching my apprentices the more advanced concepts in this book, but I stopped because they didn`t seem to understand what I was trying to teach them.

Although I shared the fifth agreement with my interns, I found that no one was willing to learn more about the underlying teachings of this agreement. . . .

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