Standby Agreements

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[2] [3] [4] In certain circumstances, an SBA lender may be required to obtain a standby loan agreement as part of its SBA lending operations. Third, while the SBA obliges the custodial creditor to subordinate his rights of pledge to the lender`s right of pledge, Form SBA 155 does not contain a language of subordination. It is therefore up to the lender to have the custodial creditor sign a separate subordination agreement in addition to Form 155 or to use its own form containing the required subordination language. Lenders should be aware that if they use their own forms, these forms must meet all the requirements of the standby agreement set out in the credit authorization. Second, whatever the reason for the availability agreement, the endorsement should contain a language that reflects the rules of preparation or, at the very least, indicates that the term is subject to the provisions of the custody agreement. By inserting this language in the custody note, any future third-party buyer or assignee of the custodial note will be informed of the standby arrangements, which will make it easier for the lender to enforce these provisions in the future, if any, vis-à-vis these third parties. First, Revision C of the SOP requires that a copy of the custody note be appended to the preparation agreement. Where the custodial debt is a shareholder`s debt or other debts owed to the entity`s principal, there is often no evidence of the debt that is present only in the applicant`s financial statements. In this case, the borrower must write a note and make a copy available to the lender. Commitment fees.

Appropriations committed under all SAs shall be subject to a commitment fee at the beginning of each 12-month period, levied on amounts which may have been used during the period (15 basis points for amounts committed up to 115% of the quota, 30 basis points for amounts committed above 115% and up to 575% of the quota and 60 basis points for amounts, which exceed 575 per cent of the quota). . . . .

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