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okt 062021

Number of ownersIn general partnership, two or more people are needed. However, in a complementary company, the shareholders share control of the activity. The more partners involved in the business, the more difficult the decision-making process can be. A written partnership agreement is important if you want to set written limits on how partners exercise this share of control. Complementary trading companies do not have to be written to benefit from a legal advantage. You can have an oral handshake deal. But you should ask yourself what will happen to my interest in business when I die. What if I had to move out of the state? What if it doesn`t work? What if.. In other words, it`s best to assess what your (and your partner`s) goals are before you get into business together. The expectations may not be the same. By establishing a written partnership agreement before entering into the partnership, you create the foundation of the relationship, while everyone thinks you will earn a million dollars in a year and you will get along well. Approximately at the moment the bills come and there is not enough money to pay them all, or a partner does not do enough to make sales, does it.

. In principle, if problems arise in the relationship, what is the likelihood that the parties will reach an agreement on anything? At first, decide how to solve some of these problems and put it in a written agreement. This is especially important if you look at the following factor. SurvivalDee A complementary company ”dissolves” with the death of a partner. It does not need to ”terminate” or liquidate and start again, but legally it becomes another complementary trading company. The interest of the deceased partner may, depending on the agreement, be transferred to the heirs or other partners. Limited or Silent PartnerIn the end, there is another type of partner that most people call a ”silent partner”. This is a slightly different form of partnership. Most of the factors described above remain the same.

The main difference is that you need to have at least one partner who is a complement and who is 100% responsible for the business, and at least one limited partner or silent partner who has no responsibility. . . .

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