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sep 212021

If we want to be in agreement with our interlocutor, there are several English sentences that come to our rescue. That is why I will divide the common sentences by distinguishing between a strong agreement, a partial agreement and a simple and consensual agreement. In this resource, you will find many more sentences to express your approval, find examples of dialogues and much more, to immerse yourself more deeply in the ”Agreement” speech in English. Let us lose intensity and see that we understand the words that push us to express a simple convergence with our interlocutor. A: I need to see my boss to discuss my salary. = I need to see my boss to discuss my salary. I know his past. He had a few skeletons in the closet. Able to formulate any type of general question and understand long answers. A: I no longer work for ABT Electron. = Je ne travaille plus pour ABT Electron. Il y a tellement de pression, et quand on travaille comme ça, tout va mal. 2.2.`NI` NI ” → ACCORD NÉGATIF = `NI` AND `NI` → NEGATIVE NEGATIVE AGREEMENT 1.3.NE PAS EXPRIMER D`OPINION (NI ACCORD NI DÉSACCORD) = DO NOT EXPRESS AN OPINION (NEITHER AGREEMENT NOR DISAGREEMENT) We can not only speak with gestures, so here comes to the aid of this article.

And we come to the end of our ”gradation”, this is the lowest level. Je pense que certaines personnes ont peur de stocker des informations dans le cloud. Ils pensent qu`il sera plus facile de pirater. C`est peut-être un peu fort, oui, mais je ne pense pas que tu puisses être plus éloigné de la vérité en ce moment. 1.2.DISAGREEMENT (FROM FORMEL TO INFORMAL) = DISAGREEMENT (FROM FORMAL TO INFORMAL) Also for this degree of intensity, there are other ways to express a partial agreement, these that I have listed are those that I consider the easiest to remember. That`s exactly what I thought. Some of our colleagues are already at the limit of the load. That`s right.

One day, someone will get sick from all these pressures. It`s completely wrong, it`s a bit strong, don`t you think? Difficoltà nel capire anche risposte semplici nella lingua scelta. All the stores are going to mark growth this year, I can feel it. Sorry, I don`t want to be that negative, but I remembered that you may not have thought about everything as you should have. I am not so sure. A lot of startups are doing well this year. 1) Sono completamente d`accordo con te. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. 2) Allora siamo d`accordo, va bene per domenica. So WE AGREE, EVERYTHING IS FINE FOR tomorrow 3) Benissimo, non pensavo che ci saremmo messi d`accordo cos velocemente.

Well, I didn`t think we would reach an agreement so quickly. 4) Non sono d`accordo con te, secondo me bisogna modificare il contratto. I DO NOT AGREE WITH YOU, I think it is necessary to amend the Treaty. 5) Con un tipo come lui impossibile mettersi d`accordo. It is impossible to make a deal with someone like him. 6) ”Ha accettato il tuo suggerimento?” ”No, the ha rigettata completamente.” ”DID HE ACCEPT YOUR PROPOSAL?” ”No, he completely refused.” 7) ”Cosa te ne sembra della sua nuova proposta?” ”Mi sta bene, e a te?” ”What do you think of his new proposal?” I agree, what about you? » 8). 9). 10). TIM: Well, that`s certainly true, but I still think the dynamics are definitely behind cloud computing. Today we will see different ways of expressing ”agreement”, i.e. ”agreement”, in English.


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