Agreement Sewa Tanah

sep 102021

Like other agreements, this letter is so important in the rental process. Therefore, when the lease expires, the landlord has the right to rent it again to someone else. The agreement must also list the identity of the leased country. Identity such as surface, address, location up to the boundaries of the land are important information known to the tenant so that there are no irregularities in the future. By this letter, the first party leases the rice fields located di_________kepada of the second part in the period of _______ years (___ years) from __ Therefore, a country lease letter is established in order to ensure the force of res judicata in order to guarantee the proper functioning of the rights and obligations of both parties. Conversely, landlords cannot distribute tenants because the duration of the rental agreement is included in the content of the contract. THE FIRST PARTY warrants that what is leased in this contract to the SECOND PARTY is the legal property of the first party, free from any dispute or not in the circumstances where they are rented or sold to another party. So clearly indicate the identity of the country in question, for example. B the area, address, location up to the borders of the country. Thus, the rental agreement rents the rice field ______ _ _ _ __ We managed to get out of consciousness without the other party being forced to do so. As a family, we promised not to get involved in the complaint until the production date is over. PART ONE is land free of PART TWO in the form of property rights No. ________Village __ District ______ District _____m2 and hereinafter referred to as country.

Its function is that tenants can report on the leased land if something undesirable happens at any time. Here are the elements of the country lease letter: That we actually own the government country that is in ________ exactly in [East/West/South/North] _______ The rental price should be included in the contract letter. The nominal amount that must be included is the down payments and annual rental fee that must be paid by the tenants. This is due to the fact that the agreement exists between the owner or landlord and the tenant and witness. If THE SECOND PARTY terminates the lease under this agreement before the end of the rental period, the SECOND PARTY must notify the FIRST PARTY at least ___ of the month. For this reason, THE SECOND PARTY is not entitled to claim the assumption of the rent paid to the FIRST PARTY or to claim compensation for the costs incurred by the SECOND PARTY during the term of the lease that was not granted to the SECOND PARTY. Although it is entirely the responsibility of the tenant, information on land use remains important to be listed. Its function is that tenants can report on the leased land if something undesirable happens at any time.

This is a rental operation, so you should also fully consider the duration or duration of the rent. The main points listed are the parties who carry out the transaction. There are two people who are related, the so-called first party and the second. The first part is the owner of the property or, in this case, the landowner who will rent the land, while the second part is the potential tenant of the leased land. The agreement shall also be accompanied by a personal identity including the name, age, occupation, address, identity number or identity card and telephone number in question….

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