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sep 092021

NEW TOP TOTAL TITLE WILL AND ADMINISTRATION November 2020, Volume 42 (2) The title WILLS AND ADMINISTRATION deals with the drafting and drafting of wills, their management, their variation and their tax implications. The title was published in three volumes. Volume 42 (1) deals with the drafting and drafting of wills and contains checklists and default clauses; Volume 42 (2) deals with obtaining representation and managing discounts in general; and Volume 42 (3) contains a detailed treatment of specialized types of wills and estates. Volume 42 (2) WILLS AND ADMINISTRATION (2020) contains updated and substantive comments on inheritance and administrative attributions, rules relating to intestacy and the management of real and personal property by personal representatives in the context of the management of an estate. There is a separate treatment of tax issues resulting from the death and management of an estate, as well as examples dealt with. The volume also contains separate sections (with precedents) on a number of specific areas, including: – representation grants; – cremations; – funds taking into account valuation principles and self-negotiation issues; and — messages and shares. The volume has also been updated to include new representation application forms introduced by Her Majesty`s Judicial Service and amendments made by the Non-Contentious Probate (Amendment) Rules 2020, which, as of 2 November 2020, require the use of an online portal for applications in certain circumstances and allow evidence to be provided by witnesses who, by a statement of truth, are an alternative to a statement of truth. The statement has been verified. There is also a section on contentious succession procedures, including reservations and citations. Since many ordinances concern registered land, the amendments to the 2002 Land Law and the 2003 Land Code have been fully taken into account. All land transfers reflect changes in the forms prescribed by the cadastre. Selective updates TOP Selective updates TOP September 2020, Service Issue 138 Volume 14 (1)B EMPLOYMENT This update contains the latest versions of the forms issued by the certification manager.

Volume 14 (1)C EMPLOYMENT A number of forms have been revised in the light of upcoming changes to data protection legislation. Volumes 16 (3)A, 16 (3)B FINANCIAL SERVICES Qalid Mohamed, LL.B, Solicitor, has updated in depth the commentary on regulated and prohibited activities (section 3), financial promotion (section 6) and regulation of change and control (section 7), including the expected legislative amendments due to the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019, SI 2019/632. June 2020, Service Issue 137 Volume 14 (1)B EMPLOYMENT A number of forms in the Collective Rights and Trade Unions section have been completely revised to take account of the latest developments. Other revisions will be included in service issue 138. Volume 2 (1) AGRICULTURAL TENANCIES; 23 (1), 23 (2), 23 (3), 23 (4), 24 (1) LANDLORD AND TENANT Coronavirus Act 2020 Schedule 29: These titles have been updated following recent legislative changes to protect rents in England and Wales from eviction. March 2020, Service Issue 136 Volume 14 ECCLESIASTICAL LAW Ian Blaney Esq., M.A., LL.B., LL.M. (Canon Law), Solicitor, Partner, Lee Bol-ton Monier-Williams, has reviewed a number of precedents in light of the Church Property Measure 2018. Volume 20 INSURANCE Andrew McGee, Barrister, Professor of Business Law at the University of Manchester, has rewritten the title of insurance in depth. December 2019, Service Issue 135 Volume 24 (1) OWNER AND TENANT (SOCIAL HOUSING) A number of precedents have been updated in accordance with the changes in stamp duty. . .


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