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In addition, the Court held that status can be found in a custody case if ”a relationship is inherent in the nature of the parent-child relationship, even if there is no biological relationship”. Since the woman had a parent-child relationship with the child, she had the option of seeking custody. The court found that the father did not have the priority of a parent because he did not take proper care of the child and placed the child with his parents, who could not care for them properly. It is important to bear in mind that the best interests of the child are paramount in all custody provisions. A parent who normally has custody of the child is responsible for making important decisions about a child. These decisions concern situations that affect the well-being and interests of the child. If a parent feels that they are unable to properly support a child or that they are limited in their ability to care for a child, they may consider transferring custody of the child to someone else. This transfer of custody will usually be short-term and temporary until the parent can continue to care for their child. Jappens M &Van Bavel J (2016), Parental divorce, Residence arrangements, and contact between grandchildren and grandparents, Journal of Marriage & Family 78.2 Ms.

McPamashamspam would undoubtedly be proud, not only because we somehow remembered how to spell her name, but simply because we simply got used Q.E.D. to shared custody of our grandparents. We have clearly shown that interaction means a direct or indirect association with a child, outside of parental leave or contact time. Interaction involves communicating with a child other than ”personal” time – as for example, it depends on your particular circumstances, needs and well-being of the children. If you are unsure of what is best in your situation, you should consult a lawyer to seek advice. There are several ways for grandparents to share custody. For example, a grandparent may be assigned either legal custody, physical custody, or both. Grandparents and parents can also agree to almost any type of joint custody agreement that shares both physical and legal custody. In addition, the courts may also impose visitation rights on grandparents. A grandparent who wishes to have more control over the grandchip may be brought to court and apply for legal and physical custody, both determined by a court order. . .


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