Collective Agreement Local 27

sep 142021

Collective agreements define the terms and conditions of employment of unionized workers and the rights, privileges and obligations of the union, the employer and the workers. The Union of Canadian Public Employees, Local 3902, Unit 3 (CUPE Local 3902) represents employees who teach, demonstrate, teach or grade/grade with contracts of less than one year. The United Steelworkers, Staff-Appointed Unit, Local 1998 (USW 1998 Staff-Appointed) represents full-time and part-time administrative and technical staff appointed by staff. The Carpenters Union is proud to have one of the most productive and skilled workforces in the construction industry. Local 27 members have access to training programs and courses delivered by a team of highly qualified trainers through the College of Carpenters and Allied Trades. . 27 local members and union carpenters are the most productive and efficient workers in small and large construction projects. With a focus on employment and countless job opportunities, local 27 is the perfect union to join. 27 local members are associated with a job that offers the opportunity to have a long career in crafts. The University of Toronto Faculty Association (UTFA) provides representation to faculties and librarians in employment matters, including salary, retirement, performance negotiations and workplace complaints. Conventions and guidelines for faculties and librarians are hosted by the Office of the Vice-Priest, Faculty and University Life. The staff of the university library is employed in the central library system.

CUPE Local 2484 represents child care centres and auxiliaries at the University of Toronto. . The Union of Canadian Public Employees, Local 3261, Casual (CUPE, Local 3261 Casual) represents casual workers at all three sites (many are University of Toronto students). The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees and Moving Picture Machine Operators of the United States and Canada, Local 58 (IATSE Local 58) represents stage staff at the Hart House Theatre at the University of Toronto. The Union of Canadian Public Employees, Local 1230, Full-time & Part-time (CUPE, Local 1230 F/T&P/T) represents librarians employed in the university`s central library system. If you work at U of T, you have access to the HR Service Center. When the HR Service Center started in 2019, it became the home of most of the employees present at this site. The Union of Public Employees of Canada, Local 3902, Unit 5 (CUPE Local 3902, Unit 5) represents those who work as post-doctrinals at the University of Toronto and are covered by CUPE Local 3902, Unit 5. Our Board of Directors, economic representatives and organisers have extensive experience in the sector before playing a collaborating role at Local 27, which oversees membership. .

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