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Title of this article says why . . There was no response. The article merely repeats what we already know and dispels the question of why. But in his letter on Wednesday, the prime minister said Kerala`s central government had assured that if a private player was involved, state contributions to the development of Trivandrum airport would be taken into account. ”The state government, by agreeing to opt for the first right of refusal, had agreed to become part of the final result,” he said. ”The state government has also failed to stay in the legal fight against the demand for privatization. The State Government and the UDF have not hesitated to take the PPP route first with CIAL and more recently with Kannur International Airport. The subject united political parties within the state, excluding the BJP for a number of reasons – an inherent opposition to privatization, the perception that Adani is a stooge of the Modi government, and added a touch of ethnozentrios to him about Adani, the outsider. Why does the state run companies in which private companies are willing to invest? KSIDC lost the bid. Tharoor confirmed what Puri said.

Govts are not the best parties to operate airport services well. It is better to manage it professionally by a private bidder. Why not? The people of Trivandrum chose Tharoor, don`t forget it. ”Passengers are looking for amenities that are at least comparable to what other airports offer. Can you blame international passengers for avoiding Trivandrum, where the duty free shop has been dysfunctional for more than two years? ”,” said a businessman who maintains a full international calendar but prefers to travel to Kochi. I am not speaking against the state, but in the interest of people who pay more for smaller facilities in Trivandrum. ”The DECISION of the EU government to assign the operation of Trivandrum airport to the Adani Group with a 50-year lease in the midst of the COVID crisis is an unfortunate measure. The airport is state-owned and should not be privatized,” Chennithala tweeted. ”The decision to go to PPP despite the government`s desire to operate and manage the airport shows how Central Govt is trying to use the COVID pandemic to transfer all PSUs to the private sector,” he added. Tharoor said the prime minister had no reason to believe that the state would not cooperate if the center continued with Adani Enterprises.

Adani Enterprises won the offer with the highest Rs 168 passenger fare at the Airport Authority of India (AAI), while its nearest competitor, the state Kerala State Industries Development Corporation (KSIDC), offered Rs 135 and GMR airport fell significantly with an offer of Rs 63 per passenger. Government agreements are not a ”one-off approach” to resource development in VA.

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