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So we have set up a mission in the system, and there are a few vectors that need to be involved in the order to increase pricing. The first is the customer, quite simple. And then the date of the document. So if you increase an order, that would be the case today, but it is essential to determine a portion of the prices within SAP. SAP B1 9.3 offers many welcome features and enhancements, including the entry of Microsoft Excel batch series numbers and advanced GL determination with custom fields, to name a few. Originally introduced in SAP Business Version 8.82, framework agreements are used to manage long-term business transactions with customers and allow users to manage relevant information for each relevant party. Ceiling contract extensions in SAP Business One 9.3 are available in different areas of the application, including sales and purchases. Do you have an agreement with the seller or your client? Do not worry. SAP Business One has prepared a document called the Blanket Agreement to register your agreement.

Therefore, a lump sum agreement may be essential for organizations that have such contracts or long-term relationships or agreements with customers and suppliers. So we have these two examples, and that other example was the small carbon frame, a $170 again, from that special price of $170. The next thing we`re going to go through there is that advanced mountain biking, so if I go into advanced now, I see it went up to $612, with the three discounts and it didn`t apply the 1 percent discount, because again an overrun that this discount period was. So I see that the discount of the period was 3%, and that`s what was applied to the order. But then we also have this discount on quantities. So when I put the same item back in order and I meet this volume or volume cut, you will often see that the price or discount has gone to 5%, because if I go back right and I pass, we often have a period or a quantity reduction that will then spend the 5 percent discount. If I increase that to 50, the 10 per cent discount would be applied. A customer can view all available sales contract details by clicking on the details. In summary, the framework agreements of SAP Business One version 9.3 have been significantly improved, with many benefits for users, including: The purpose of setting up a sales contract is therefore that it is not a single agreement, but a long-term agreement that you have with your customer or supplier, and it is typical … The typical scenario is a kind [inaudible 00:32:37] so you would have an agreement with your client on the total he wants to buy for a certain period, say a year, and then they would use it later this year.

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