So I needed the S12345455, etc. and the server ID generated by the server and the license assistant. As soon as I got the right phone number, it was two minutes. Go to the fake MS number and the term F–without suspecting 8 transfers comes to mind. If I had someone who had clear English and could have coached me, since I was obviously wrong… It would have been nicer. You`ll find the instructions for using the VLSC by clicking on the help in the VLSC menu bar, and then clicking on the name of the FAQ that relates to your question. VLSC help is also available if you`re not connected. Keys are assigned to the exclusive use of your organization and are intended for your organization.

You may be liable for the unauthorized use of VLKs issued as part of your agreement, so be sure to keep your keys safe and not pass them on to unauthorized persons. If you use the VLSC, you should regularly check and update users` permissions. Volume Licensing Keys (VLK), including MAK and KMS, will be issued to you under a specific licensing agreement and will allow your organization to use the software you have authorized. If you can`t log in to the VLSC to find your license and authorization numbers, check first if someone else has access to your organization. If this is not the case, contact TechSoup customer service for help. You can give you the name of the administrative user who requested the donation and give you the permission and license codes. Once you have received this information, contact your local vlsc support centre using the instructions below and ask for help to update your administrative users. Note to Microsoft Volume License Customers: You`ll find the product key for your volume license in the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC).

If a warning is displayed with the word ”Authorization /Licence Combination Number is not valid,” this means that you need to verify that your information is correct. I received an email from my distributor with a .rtf file that is attached to the license certificate. I received that, since I received the dealer and end user contact on the order also a copy. The activation of RDS-CALs on the RDS License Manager apple server must exclude the license number and authorization number of this agreement to activate your CALs – there is no ”product key” as for an OS/Workstation OS/Office server license. He only wants the license/agreement codes. To find your license number and authorization numbers, each donation request is assigned by Microsoft to a license number and an authorization number (also called a contract number). These numbers are used to identify your request and may be required to perform certain actions on the VLSC. It`s helpful to have these numbers available when you go to your Local Microsoft VLSC helpline.

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